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Teachers are all the while mentioning the reality of students struggling with writing.  It’s no wonder since they have grown to understand a snap, an acronym, an emoji, or a text message to communicate.

Most students are at a total loss with how best to write a lengthy form of communication.  This is where the Writing Center at Capstone Educational Consultants can become your student’s newest best friend!

Writing Support and Coaching

Good Writing Matters

Writing requirements for high school students stretch from small, one-page papers to lengthy research papers.  Getting it right can often be one of the most challenging efforts for students.  In fact, studies show, giving students opportunities to review and rewrite their work improves their skills considerably.  And, improving a student’s writing skill will help them succeed both inside and outside the classroom!

The Writing Center at Capstone Educational Consultants offers a safe environment to discuss and improve a student’s writing.  Students will receive constructive, one-on-one feedback from our writing coach. 

Our writing coach at Capstone Educational Consultants will sit down with each student to review essays, papers, and other written material.  Our coaches will address issues related to clearly stated main ideas, well-organized structure, wordiness and focus, and the most critical thing needing attention before submitting the assignment for a grade. 

Know of one or several assignments in your near future?  Plan ahead and schedule your own, personal writing coach!


Grab Your Pencil or Laptop!

Whichever it is, bring in your assignment and improve your writing skills!  Never has it been so easy to get help on a paper than now.

Just meet once, or purchase six and use them one at a time throughout the semester!



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