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Academic Enrichment Classes

Students will be introduced or re-introduced to the art of math: Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Calculus, and Physics.  These enrichment classes are perfect for the student in need of understanding the subject better.

Writing With Ecree

College Essay Workshops

Students will find their own voice and learn to tell their unique story in a compelling fashion.  We guide students through self-discovery and teach them how to leverage their experiences as they write their essays.

Students Working

Common App Workshops

Don’t waste a good summer — get ahead by kick starting your Common Application.  Gain the confidence of knowing you are on the right track and creating the best content for your application by working with a professional.

Life Success Series

Ready to create some great habits for life?  This Life Success Series will address executive functioning and life organization skills to assist young people in preparing for a lifetime of success.


Practice Tests

Looking for a way to take the SAT or ACT for a test drive?  Take a practice test!  Wanting to get better at taking the SAT or ACT?  Take a practice test! 
Practice is the best medicine for getting better!

Test-Prep Workshops

Students will dive into the content, learn to avoid common errors, and practice interacting with the test questions to improve accuracy.  We help students think while they navigate the SAT.



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