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Who We Are

We are trusted educational consultants who believe that finding the right college is one of the most important decisions for students and their families.  Making the right choice enhances the overall educational, social and career experiences in life.  But that right fit can be an overwhelming task, and this is where Capstone Educational Consultants can help!

Finding the best college fit and making application is nothing like it used to be.  Competitive grades and changing test scores and essays designed to set the student apart are mixed with deadlines and prerequisites making the journey filled with twists and turns along the way. This is why trusted educational consultants are growing in number across the country and important to consider.  There is no doubt the journey is getting more complex and cloudy, the independent counselor can bring clarity to the admissions process.

Capstone is all about assisting students and families navigate the college journey.  It is all about making informed and confident decisions toward the future and Capstone shapes those moments from the very beginning.

Consultants with Capstone can be trusted because they have met the highest standards in the profession.  As professional members of organizations such as IECA and HECA, families can be comforted knowing they are in good hands.   In addition, Capstone Educational Consultants offer personalized and individual attention to the student and their families and hold to the highest of standards and ethics.

Capstone’s objective is to provide a personal and strategic approach to the complicated process of college selection and admission through strategic and tailored methods of helping students identify colleges that fit them best.

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U.S. Coast Guard Academy -- Home of the Bears

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