Our Approach

We are seeing great results because our Test Prep Specialist focuses on every student’s unique needs.

With more than 15 years of experience in improving student’s scores, our Test Prep Specialist breathes life into subjects stduents consider to be annoying, confusing or insurmountable.

We believe that once our students learn and start applying the methods that make for successful problem-solving and self-correction, test scores rise and mindsets improve.


When it comes to preparing for the official ACT or SAT, timing is everything. We have made certain there is a workshop to meet your specific testing need.

Practice Tests

Every weekend, we offer a full-scale practice ACT or SAT test. These are formerly administered tests but now retired. Therefore, students receive actual, real-life experience in taking either of these tests as well as experiencing their content and structure. Practicing these tests is the best way to become familiar with them and by having that level of comfort reduces test anxiety and increases student focus.

Private Test Prep

We are serious about improving your score! Our solutions for 1-on-1, private tutoring are varied. With options as little as 6 hours, to robust, comprehensive programs that mean business rounding out at 24 or more hours, students can just get their feet wet or dive in head-first! We have every level of focus and focus is what we do!

Online Test Prep

Students have the option of selecting a self-paced, online option to preparing for the ACT or SAT. On average, students having completed this program have raised their ACT 3 points and their SAT by 120 points. It’s affordable too and on your time and schedule! A definite bonus feature for many! And, did we mention? You’ll have unlimited access until you graduate!

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