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SAT Test-Prep Workshop

Students will dive into the content, learn to avoid common errors, and practice interacting with the test questions to improve accuracy.  We help students think while they navigate the SAT.

Writing With Ecree

College Essay Workshop

Students will find their own voice and learn to tell their unique story in a compelling fashion.  We guide students through self-discovery and teach them how to leverage their experiences as they write their essays.

Student Testing

Private / Individual Test-Prep Sessions

Great things happen in groups, but amazing insight is found one-on-one.  Students will have a customized learning experience with our Test-Prep Specialist.  Students are shocked at how well he explains things.

Every student will take a SAT® Practice Test.  This is a full-length test and students should bring their own pencils and approved calculator.

Students should bring their own pencils and approved calculator.

Students will receive a fully-detailed Score Report on the results of their practice test.

Test prep begins.

Students will have a 30 minute break for lunch and should prepare to bring one of their own.

Students should bring their own pencils and approved calculator.

Test prep continues.

Students will have a 30 minute break for lunch and should prepare to bring one of their own.

SAT Test-Prep Workshop

Students will experience a concentrated dive into the content, gaining a better understanding and skill-set for successfully navigating the SAT test.  Students will:

⭐️ Learn strategies for handling the most important question types.
⭐️ Learn the most common errors and how to avoid them.
⭐️ Practice with pacing drills to improve time management skills.
⭐️ Receive in-class and take-home practice material.

We are highly distinctive through our use of official material for both weekly practice and scheduled practice tests and our focus on how to tangibly interact with test questions to help students think, improve accuracy, and reduce careless errors.

College Essay Workshop

The early months of your Senior year will be demanding of your time, studies, and attention to every application you want to submit. The main problem is finding the time to write additional essays on top of your already packed schedule. After all, it is your Senior year!

This demand for time is why the editors at Capstone Educational Consultants designed a place and a time BEFORE the start of your senior year to knock it out!

And we’ll do most of that in just one day.

It won’t happen immediately, but throughout the workshop, students will gain more personal insight and discover their own unique stories while relating them to their future.

Writing With Ecree
  • Admissions Process Overview
  • Essay Prompt Selection
  • Choosing a Topic & Brainstorming
  • Refining Your Topic
  • Choosing a Structure
  • Writing Session
  • Breakouts for Individual Feedback
Student Testing

Private/Individualized Test-Prep

We know there is amazing value in meeting one-on-one with a test-prep specialist.  Where instruction for groups is designed to reach many needs, individual instruction is customized to the student’s specific needs.

Whether a students spends one hour or 12-hours with our specialist, there is no denying the results when students are motivated to exercise their best efforts with strong accountability.

We know that every student is different, learns different, and processes information different.  This is why our approach is different — it’s personal!

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