Student Athletes at Capstone

Student Athletes

Student athletes represent the essence of discipline.  The hard work and determination to excel in a sport while maintaining outstanding grades is nothing shy of astounding.
As a parent of an athlete, there is nothing more important than wanting what’s best for your student.  You want to know if your son or daughter will get recruited,  when they should register, when they should start thinking about college sports, and how they should begin to prepare?

You are in the place!

Prerequisites to College Athletics

  1. Does your student athlete have the athletic ability to play at a college level institution?
  2. Does your student athlete have the desire and passion to play their sport for 4 more years after high school?


Determining the answers to these questions early can help in identifying the more likely journey for your student.

There are over 7.5 million students playing sports in America's high schools.

Student Athletes at Capstone

Top 3 Reasons Student Athletes Are Not Recruited


Families do not start on time and therefore miss the window of opportunity for recruitment.

Unrealistic Expectations

Some student athletes are not as competitive in their sport as they may believe themselves to be.

Failure to Initiate

The student neglects to take the initiative in the recruitment process.

Get it right the first time!

Don’t miss out on the growing opportunities ahead for your student athlete. 

Contact Capstone so we can discuss the journey ahead.



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