Capstone TP&T - 2015

Capstone Educational Consultants is serious about providing the most proven and successful educational experience in test prep and academic tutoring opportunities — especially in and around Fayette County!

Test Prep – ACT and SAT

Preparing for the ACT or SAT takes time and discipline.  There are many strategies to meet your academic goals needed to become competitive in applying to your dream school or qualifying for that top scholarship.  Regardless of your reason, Capstone has options to assist in reaching your goals:

Academic Tutoring

Having trouble in a particular class at school?  Needing a little extra to push you through the coursework and stay on top of the fast-paced class schedule?  Capstone has a solution:

Homework Center

With schedules packed with after-school activities, athletic practice, fine arts rehearsals and a host of other responsibilities, getting homework done appears to be reserved for somewhere between 10 p.m. and midnight.  Getting a good night’s rest has almost become impossible these days.  This is why Capstone has opened the Homework Center.  Call the main office for availability.

At the Homework Center, students will have a 2-hour window on Tuesdays and Thursdays to focus in a quiet, self-driven, managed and no-nonsense environment for the purpose of tackling homework.  There will be no instruction taking place at the Homework Center.

We offer proven strategies and techniques for improving your scores on everything from SAT and ACT to PSAT, ISEE and SSAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT and more! – See more at

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