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The Transfer Student

The transfer student can take comfort in knowing they are not alone in making the decision to attend a different college.  Thousands of students transfer every year, some statistics indicate nearly 33% of all college students actually make a college transition.  It’s been said that the thought of transferring to another college crosses the mind of every college student at some point in time.  For many, it becomes a reality.

You are not alone!

For a host of reasons, the transfer student experiences the fear of college admissions all over again.  In this situation, the college transfer rarely finds an ally.  Feeling as though they are abandoning their friends and rejecting an institution, the thought of landing in the middle of another campus without knowing a single soul can invoke an immense measure of fear.  And then there is no telling how many of those credits will actually transfer!

Wouldn’t it be nice to make this transition as fearless as possible?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know ahead of time the impact a transfer would make on your academic pursuit?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have answers to the many questions asked throughout the process of transferring?

It would be nice!  And, we can make it nicer by assisting in the process!

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Decide on a smoother transition!

Preparing ahead for the continued journey and understanding the hurdles ahead of time makes for a smoother transition.  The college transfer student has an ally at Capstone. 

Give us a call — even if you don’t know the questions to ask!  We do!

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