College affordability is perhaps the most stressful and questionable component of earning that college degree.  Getting accepted to college was once the main concern for families, but with college debt at an all-time high and college costing more than ever, paying for college outweighs and overshadows the worry of a completed and timely application for admission.  Capstone assists families in identifying ways to pay for college and make it more affordable.

Funding college is a curious thing.  College selection is sometimes determined by the “sticker” price long before the degree of good fit is determined.  There are many factors that can actually make your favorite university a reality, but not knowing how to assemble the pieces may lead to a false assumption of affordablility.

Applying for financial aid can easily appear overwhelming, but it is surprisingly simple once all the right forms and information is assembled.  And, the time it takes to complete is well worth the time and effort.

There are three types of student financial aid:

  1. Grants and scholarships (Students are not required to repay these funds.)
  2. Loans  (Both federal and private are often available and both must be repaid.)
  3. Work-Study (These need-based funds vary in amount and while appear on a Financial Aid Award Letter, they are not distributed until the student has worked at the designated job on campus.)

Important dates to remember:

  1. October  (Parents should complete the online FAFSA [and PROFILE for some private institutions] as soon as is possible for priority consideration of available funds.
  2. Prior-Prior Year  (This is the year used to consider eligibility for federal, state and some institutional aid.

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