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Many families choose to take advantage of the services offered by educational consultants from all over the country. We recognize that this is going to be one of the most important journeys you will ever take in your life.  With many decisions ahead, the process is as critical as the end result.  Capstone is committed to helping you and your family on this journey.  Through every step of the complicated and often confusing process, our experts will assist in making the BEST of the journey toward the BEST chance of success!  Nothing but the BEST!

Seminars and Workshops

Capstone offers a variety of small workshops and seminars for churches, homeschool groups, organizations, athletic clubs and businesses wanting to educate their groups on topics related to college selection, admission, college athletics and college affordability.  Have an idea for a workshop?  Availability is limited so contact us soon!

College Counseling Services

Selecting the right college for the right reasons seems like an easy thing to do.  With over 4,000 colleges in the United States, how do you know where to start?  Capstone will help you identify which of these schools may fit you best.

Are you certain you are on the right academic track to “make the grade” for college success?  Capstone will help by finding ways to maximize your high school years in preparation for college success!

Assessments and Test Prep

In order to know which college may or may not be a great fit, it’s important to know about yourself first!  Through a simple, and very harmless, self-guided assessment, students will learn not only about themselves, but how to understand why they do what they do.  These secrets, once revealed, becomes the key to unlocking a world of understanding of self and others.  Not only is it a great tool in assisting in the college selection process, it’s great in preparing for living on a college campus!

With the pressures of making the right grade, now there’s the added pressure of making the right score.  Combined, they have the potential of unlocking unlimited possibilities.  Capstone has unique relationships with local and online resources to help students of all ability levels reach their educational goals.

College Affordability

Funding college takes more than just a jar of coins by the bedside.  Have you made plans?  Capstone is here to assist in mapping the possible ways families can make sense of their financial landscape as it relates to college — and saving money in the process!


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