Applying for scholarships is a smart way to offset college expenses, but it’s not always an easy process.  It’s especially troubling not knowing where to look and staying organized.

This is why Capstone has made the SEARCH, FIND, ORGANIZE, and APPLY a little bit easier. 

The buck starts right here!

The number one question we receive from parents about the college selection process is where to find scholarships. 

Locating the perfect set of scholarships that fit your student and your needs can be a huge undertaking. 

But, with some respected locations to begin your search and a valuable tool to keep you organized, this could be a very rewarding experience!  Click on the Scholarship Organizer to print as many as you like!

Get ready now!

Get ready, get set — let’s go!

Keep in mind, most annually offered scholarships have the same or nearly the same application deadlines every year.  So, if they require an essay, get started early!

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