Test Prep for SAT or ACT (12 Hours)

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Test prep can take on many forms.  Many “big-box” companies often recommend an academic endurance program spanning over 30, 40, or even as much as 100 hours.  While we strongly believe in supporting students academically, we recognize students are busy and test prep should not be another class they should take all year long.

At Capstone, we believe that great things can be done with fewer hours and we put it to the test!  Know what we learned?  We learned that if students commit to the process, we can move the needle in as little as 12-20 hours, some have even made significant progress with twelve!

What does that mean for you – the parent?  It means test prep doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it can be completed sooner, leaving time for students to enjoy their final months in high school.


  • 12 full instructional hours
  • 3-hour satisfaction guarantee (applies only to first 3 hours of instruction)
  • Study materials and curriculum
  • 1 Practice Test
  • 1 Fully-detailed score report

*PSAT Practice Tests are also available.