Strong Interest Inventory Assessment



The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment digs deep, providing insight into a person’s interests.  This insight sheds light on potential careers, educational paths, and the world of work.

The Strong Interest Inventory is an online interest inventory and interpretive test that has been used by college students for over 80 years to explore their career interests, personal interests, and college major. It provides a comprehensive assessment of a student’s interests through self-assessment tools and is often used as part of a career exploration process. It helps students identify their dominant motivations, desires, and preferences in order to help them narrow down possible college majors or potential careers that they may be interested in pursuing. By indicating their level of interest in different activities and environments, the Strong Interest Inventory can provide insight into a student’s career goals, skillsets, strengths, and weaknesses. In sum, it is an incredibly useful tool for helping college students get clarity on their future path.

Upon purchase, a member of the Capstone staff will contact you to share information regarding the assessment administration and scheduling of the review session.