blue stone 3Families with high school students come in a variety of shapes and sizes, much different than those from several decades ago.  And, the college admissions process has grown to become more complex and often confusing for many . . . especially those who remember how simple things were.  Unfortunately, it’s not so easy anymore!  With no guarantee of getting accepted into any college, the process to be invited into the classroom is one that requires patience, time, more patience and even more time!  On top of it all, it requires parents to become something of a cross between a super-soccer mom, air-traffic controller, travel agent, secretary, librarian and life coach.  It’s because of these incredible demands on the family that parents have turned to qualified independent educational consultants to assist in the journey.  Consider some of these facts:

Capstone’s mission is:

to assist families of college-bound students
to think strategically through the admissions process
to make informed and confident decisions on the college that fits best.

Our main goal at Capstone is to provide a personal and strategic approach to the complicated process of college selection and admission through tailored methods — serving the whole family while helping students identify colleges that fit them best.

For more information, contact Capstone to begin the journey!

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