Students can make a list of colleges, but Capstone students discover more about themselves in the process of finding the best college for them than they ever imagined.  The one thing we don’t like at Capstone is to “settle” for just any college.  Together, we hunt and find the BEST — after all — it’s for the BEST!

Getting ready for the college years is no easy journey.  It takes courage to face many aspects of the unknown and allow growth to take place — learning is going to happen!

Mark Cruver has a special talent for assisting students to reach beyond their educational goals and shoot for the moon.”  Current Student

This process is truly all about YOU!  And in the end, you will come out of it more confident in who you are, better able to understand yourself more and better in how you relate with others and combined, assured in knowing where you are headed!

While we cannot guarantee you will get accepted to college, we can assure you that we will assist in every way we can to allow for that to happen!  Are you ready for this great adventure?  Let’s go!

Capstone helps students in 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade and even those getting started a little later, students in the 12th grade.  We also help the student athlete with hopes at playing at the collegiate level.

Here are some of the many things you can expect along your journey with Capstone:

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