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If little has been done with your Junior and Senior toward their college search and application preparation, take this free advice, start now
This is your student’s high school home-stretch before college, so now is the time!  Capstone’s college planning process can make the journey more seamless and strategic, without the headaches — it’s not too late!

You should enjoy the journey!

Competition for top colleges is at an all-time high and with an even tighter lens on the job market, getting into the best college fit has never been more important than it is today. Capstone’s college counseling resources evaluates each student’s interests, career aspirations and talents along with their high school academics and achievements.  We take this in-depth and personalized approach in order for each student to find their best “college fit” and explore their college options.

We help those in 11th grade and 12th grade build their college lists, creatively build strong college essays, complete and double-check their applications, develop their resume or brag sheet, prepare for college interviews and much more.  And when the acceptances begin to roll in, Capstone counselors are standing by to guide students through the decision making process.  The fact is, Capstone Educational Consultants is here for students, every step of the way!

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Here's How We Help Juniors and Seniors

Highlight the best version of you!

There’s no greater advantage for gaining admission to college than completing an application highlighting the best version of you!
We’ll help you find your voice and feature you in your best light.
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