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Freshman and Sophomore

When you are a freshman and sophomore it’s hard to imagine being a college student, but it’s right around the corner.  Many parents ask us if beginning the college journey as early as the 9th grade or 10th grade is too early. 

We like to start talking to families when students are just beginning high school.  It is important to us because we feel the college journey should be more like a search and discovery than a sprint to the finish.

It's never too early to start!

We begin preparing students for the days of college applications and college essays by first helping them learn more about who they are, how they function, and what makes each of them perform as they do.   We believe by getting an early start on what will become a fast-paced experience, there will ultimately be less stress, and less stress is better for everyone.

It is unfortunate, but many students and their families rarely begin thinking about college during the early years of high school.  As a result, stress and frustration escalate due to waiting until the last minute.  By starting early, students are able to be more intentional about course selections and their extra-curricular activity involvement.  Capstone counselors establish a standardized test timeline strategy best suited to meet their academic goals.

No matter when you may start the process, Capstone counselors make the journey smoother, more relaxed, organized and customized to the student’s needs and goals.

Freshman and Sophomore Students

Here's How We Help Freshmen and Sophomores

College starts now!

It has never been more important than now to be intentional and calculated about preparing for that moment.  Starting early opens the doors to the most options and the best opportunities to get into the right college.

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