Academic Integrity

This, above all else, sets Christian colleges apart from other institutions.  NACCAP says: “The Christian college views all of life and learning as a whole, to be understood in relation to God’s creation and in the light of God’s Word.”  The ChristianCollegeNet adds, “While secular colleges can teach you a lot about how the world works, Christian colleges can also teach you why it works that way. While most public schools can train you for a great career that will provide you with a good living, Christian colleges can teach you how to use your position and your money to find true satisfaction and purpose, and to make an eternal difference in the world.”

Personal Growth

For many who attend a Christian college, a real value comes in the personal growth they experience in both close, lifelong relationships and in their faith.  During the college years, relationships are extremely important — especially given that most students are moving away from home for the first time in their life.  Generally speaking, Christian colleges offer a very welcoming environment to both foster and nurture life-long friendships between both fellow students and staff.  Along with these healthy relationships, Christian colleges also offer an ideal environment to strengthen and exercise their faith daily.

Making a Difference

Students attending a Christian college are introduced to opportunities unique to making a difference in lives that stretch the entire globe.  From missions work, to service projects to sharing their faith, students attending a Christian college are given multiple opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others.

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