Catholic & Jesuit Colleges

These are commonly large, private academic universities that follow Christian beliefs and philosophies.  While these universities often accept students from all walks of life, they are often a good compromise between a Christian-only college and a completely secular university.  A great example of this kind of college is Notre Dame University.

Denominational Colleges

These type of colleges are typically associated with a specific church denomination.  Conservative colleges adhere to strong dress codes and often times strict policy for their student body.  On the other extreme, others are more liberal in nature, encouraging students to get involved in multifaceted activities either on or off campus.

Non or Inter Denominational Colleges

There is little difference in nature between the denominational and the non or inter-denominational colleges.  However, their more distinctive difference is their lack of ties to any specific denomination or ruling church governance.  In doing so, these colleges adhere strongly to a statement of faith and mission  that drives their purposes.  These colleges accept students from a variety of denominations and the institution’s curriculum usually focuses on the premise of learning not what to believe, but why to believe.

Bible Colleges

Not much unlike their denominational and non-denominational counterparts, the Bible colleges purpose is typically centered on preparing students for Christian service or ministry.

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