The power of a single idea!

The power of a single idea can light up the world.  It only took the imagination of one person to make a difference forever.  Imagine what you can do!

This is Capstone’s blog of ideas, thoughts, and stories.  We hope you enjoy them, learn from them, and share them.

Pandemic Effect
Mark Cruver

Pandemic Effect on Tomorrow

I vividly remember the morning of May 9, 1980. It was a day of disaster on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge spanning the St. Petersburg Bay

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Community College
college bound
Mark Cruver

Community Colleges Make The Grade

Community colleges have a long history of confusion for parents of college-bound students. They often wonder if choosing to attend a community college is the

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The Greatest Thing Ever!

If it were possible to know the greatest thing ever, would you take the time to find it?  There are countless stories of such adventures. 

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