Planning your future is strategic!

With Capstone’s career planning, you work directly with a Certified Practitioner who will guide you through a unique process to make better sense of your personality style.  In formulating a plan for the future, the process will uncover possible careers, interesting college majors, and most importantly, you’ll learn more about YOU!

It's time to plan ahead!

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
This age-old personality type indicator is used by Fortone 500 companies with more than 70 years of science-based and research-based insight. This tool has helped thousands improve how they learn, communicate, and work.
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Strong Interest Inventory®
Just when you think you know enough about yourself, this assessment takes it to a whole new level. Comparing your interests to the interests of others in the workforce aids in identifying likely career or college major options.
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DiSC® Profile and You
This behavioral personality assessment or DISC personality style provides excellent insight and individual direction in career choices, goal setting, communication and crucial information for improving study habits, further contributing to student success.
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Achieveworks™ Personality
Reach beyond a simple list of things you might want to do and set your sights on more realistic, long-term goals. You will be taking the necessary steps in selecting a college major by aligning your personality with your education.

This is the first of three assessments in the Achieveworks™ series.

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Achieveworks® Learning & Productivity
This assessment helps parents and students identify their best learning environments. In order for students to gain a better understanding of themselves, it’s imperative they identify what environments are most conducive to learning — and which ones to avoid.
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Achieveworks™ Intelligences
Based on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory, this assessment is designed to inspire a student's unique intellect.
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