Get to know YOU all over again.

When used within the context of the college journey, students are more apt to discover answers to the many questions that likely keep them from pursuing their dreams.  When students learn more about their own personalities, they are more inclined to discover a mountain of countless opportunities.

The understanding of type can make your perceptions clearer, your judgements sounder, and your life closer to your heart's desire.

Everyone is a little unique!


Prefers to focus on the world around you.


Prefers to focus on the basic information you take in.


Prefers to look at logic and consistency when making decisions.


Prefers to get things decided when dealing with the outside world.


Prefers to focus on your own inner world.


Prefers to interpret and add meaning to the given information.


Prefers to first look at the people and circumstances when making decisions.


Prefers to stay open to new information and options.

Discover Your Type

Your personality type is not only unique, but categorically defines where and how you thrive.  For students, this means it can become a compass to your career planning — from choosing the right major to finding your best fit college.

Assessment and Review – $225
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