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Capstone Educational Consultants is uniquely positioned to offer a Certified Practitioner coupled with a Certified Educational Planner to administer assessments with career coaching.  The MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment and the DiSC® Profile assessment are only a few of the many assessments used.  With exclusive access online through Capstone, students are able to take these assessments in the comfort of their own homes and both include detailed and customized interpretive sessions discussing all things uniquely you!

But, it doesn’t stop there!  Learning more about your likes and dislikes wrapped in your own personality sets the stage for discovering a breadth of options as it relates to majors and/or career choices.

This is why working with Capstone combines the best of both worlds as it relates to understanding the many pieces of the puzzle that make you YOU and uncovering the wealth of possibilities when those pieces start fitting together.  Take one or utilize the depth of information from both to enhance your self-discovery in utilizing the tools you need to make successful and fully-educated decisions regarding your future!

It’s truly priceless . . . and we’ve made it extremely affordable!


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