About Us

Capstone for Kids is an academic learning and support center designed to supplement education for the purpose of enriching and/or advancing the academic position of students.

Our Purpose

Capstone Kids exists to provide academic support and supplemental academic programming to families with students in grades K-5. Our primary purpose is to help students succeed academically! We are serious about our mission demonstrated through our three-pronged approach:

  1. Collaboration – We believe parents play a critical role in education. Therefore, we have incorporated time for parent and teacher to conference on academic progress..
  2. Customization – We believe every student learns differently. Therefore, our goal is to provide a customized, enriching curriculum that encourages, challenges and supports each student.
  3. Certification – We believe every student can benefit most from instruction by a certified teacher. This level of expertise provides the most advanced perspective on academic advising and support.

Our Objectives

  • to provide a wide range of academic support to the diverse needs and styles of learners,
  • to provide individually tailored strategies that are research based and support the whole child,
  • to outline the good habits for academics and organization, encouraging a growth in overall performance, and
  • to encourage growth mindsets as a tool for students to meet challenges they face in their educational setting.

Our Classroom Care

Capstone for Kids takes the safety of their students, their families, and their instructors seriously.  Because our classes are small (4 student maximum) we are able to offer unique, customizable space for every student that optimizes learning and enhances their safety.

Limited Space

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