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The AchieveWORKS personality test and suite of assessments is used to strengthen the confidence of high school students in leveraging their strengths while developing an educational path with goals that point to associated college majors and suggested careers. And, since personality remains a constant, it will likely culminate into a lifelong journey of satisfaction and success in a person’s life.

AchieveWORKS suite of assessments is a solid foundation for the future.

Creating strategies for success!

AchieveWorks Personality

Based on the work of Carl Jung, Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs MyersAchieveWORKS™ Personality was written specifically for students in grades 9-12.

Used by millions around the world, students are making better decisions about their college majors and careers with greater confidence because they are better informed and more self-aware.

At Capstone, we are bridging student’s career and education plans, and creating strategies to help them find more satisfaction and success in life.

AchieveWorks Learning and Productivity
The AchieveWORKS™ Learning & Productivity is used by high schools and colleges alike to identify the best learning environments for their students.  In order to gain a better understanding of yourself, it’s imperative students identify what environments are most conducive to learning — and which ones to avoid.

A great example is a student who learns best while listening to music, but their parent keeps telling them to turn off the music while they are studying.  This becomes a point of conflict when it could easily become an opportunity to encourage learning.

Capstone students maximize their learning strategies and enable them to make changes accordingly.

AchieveWorks Intelligence

The AchieveWORKS™ Intelligences is based on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory.  It is designed to inspire students to identify their unique intellect, boost confidence, and  strengthen intelligences.

The multiple intelligence theory has been used by thousands of students to provide them with a better and more robust view of themselves.  It helps students identify their natural gifts.

At Capstone, it becomes a building block in the process of determining best fit colleges and pointing students in the best direction.

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Tap into the power of personality, learning, productivity, and intelligence in this combination suite of assessments.

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