Capstone believes students are thinking earlier about possible careers and studies show young people are introduced to ideas for careers as early as seven years old.  Too often, students are not given the opportunity to explore these options until it appears to be too late.  We like to introduce students to the idea of aligning themselves with potential career options earlier rather than later.  For this reason, we provide a series of assessments during their sophomore year in high school, beginning with AchieveWORKS™.

Ever since 1998, millions of students have turned to AchieveWORKS™ to assist in making the right decisions that best represent their “personality type,” — a true secret to success!  When it comes to finding the career path and education as a high school or college student, nothing does it better than AW!

Reach beyond a simple list of things you might want to do and set your sights on more realistic long-term goals that include career options and in doing so, you will be taking the necessary steps in selecting a college major that will continue the process of planning and maximize the learning experience by aligning your education, work and relationships with who you are, and ultimately, enjoy life more.

AchieveWORKS™ will help students:

  • enhance self-awareness,
  • recognize natural strengths and blind spots,
  • heighten effectiveness,
  • handle stress and change better,
  • improve communication, and
  • make more informed decisions.

A personalized report comes with every AchieveWORKS™ and includes:

  • a description of your personality type,
  • requirements for a satisfying college experience,
  • a list of your natural strengths and blind spots,
  • a description of your ideal environment for a satisfying career,
  • a preferred style of learning summary,
  • a list of suggested careers and potential majors to consider

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