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Cognitive tools Mindprint Learning is bringing new cognitive tools to Capstone. So, it is with great pleasure and much anticipation, Capstone Educational Consultants announce our exclusive relationship with Mindprint Learning. Throughout Georgia, we are making it possible to offer data-driven, cognitive tools and assessments available to students in grades 3-12 and SAT/ACT Comparison reports with personalized prep plans and more to high school students. Learn more about the Mindprint assessment at Capstone here.

Mindprint Learning is located in Princeton, NJ, and recognized by such publications as Forbes, Education Week, and The Empowered Student. Recognized by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Mindprint Learning is a 2018 award recipient from the NYC Harvard Business School and the 2018 Top Pick for Learning from Common Sense Education.

Mindprint Learning bridges the gap between neurocognitive assessment and classroom achievement. This gap is met with low-cost, evidence-based solutions for all students. It further identifies the root cause of learning struggles using an online screener of executive functions, memory, reasoning, and speed. The battery, developed at Penn Medicine, takes one hour to complete. It is administered at Capstone Educational Consultants or remotely from home. Mindprint Learning automatically generates a personalized learning plan for every student in math, reading, writing, and study skills. Each report includes the most effective, evidence-based strategies tailored to that student’s unique strengths and needs. Integrating cognitive data with traditional achievement data enables teachers to meet every learner’s needs best and makes learning more efficient and effective.

We are excited to offer this opportunity to families throughout our great state of Georgia!  Everyone at Capstone is excited about this exclusive opportunity to help students be their best!

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