Closed College Campus

Visiting colleges amidst the COVIN-19 outbreak is impossible in-person and prospective students are at a loss. Students and parents are wondering how to experience the campus under these circumstances. Many parents schedule campus visits during March and April. Springtime is often the best time to get their first or final look at the campus before making that final decision around or before May 1.

But what does a student do if the campus has closed and students are gone? The answer to this question may surprise you! Students can learn a lot by visiting colleges in ways other than in-person.

Here are some possible solutions:

While visiting colleges through their website to learn about the campus and student life is a super alternative to an actual visit, other resources can supplement your learning too. We always like to hear from current students about campus life, on-campus housing, campus food, local services, and campus facilities. We like to go HERE to learn about these!