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Visiting colleges amidst the COVIN-19 outbreak is impossible in-person and prospective students are at a loss. Students and parents are wondering how to experience the campus under these circumstances. Many parents schedule campus visits during March and April. Springtime is often the best time to get their first or final look at the campus before making that final decision around or before May 1.

But what does a student do if the campus has closed and students are gone? The answer to this question may surprise you! Students can learn a lot by visiting colleges in ways other than in-person.

Here are some possible solutions:

  • Many colleges offer a Virtual Tour! Viewing these videos online is a great way to swing through the campus and see the buildings and hear from the students. Here’s where you can find those from Georgia and Alabama!
  • Visit the “Campus Life” tab found on most college websites.
  • Have you joined their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts?
  • Some colleges post their Course Catalog under the “Academics” tab on their website. Reading a course catalog could be a snoozer to read, but it can offer some great insight and clues about what to anticipate for class!
  • Get to know the professors! Learning about the professors in your area of interest is genius of you!
  • There will come a day in college when you need some help. No better time than now to discover what kind of support services they offer! Start digging and learning!
  • Is there a campus map? When you visit Disneyworld, I know this is an essential tool to have!!
  • If you were to live on campus, where would it be, and what is it like? Discover more about housing options. How many in a room? Is it suite-style living? Learning communities? Do they have free laundry? Some do!
  • One of the most important things when deciding about college is always FOOD! Check out the college dining options. Is there more than one dining hall? What are the menus like? If you have a dietary restriction, would they be able to serve your needs?
  • Many colleges post their school newspaper online. Get the latest scoop and learn about some new happenings!
  • Visiting colleges through their college blog or YouTube channel might serve up some entertainment worth discovering.
  • And once you’ve exhausted your investigative skills on campus, start-in on the surrounding community! What restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and walking trails are nearby. Does the college have its own transportation for students? How far from campus would you need to go to restock your essentials? Where do college students typically “hang out” in town? Find the local “hot-spot.”

While visiting colleges through their website to learn about the campus and student life is a super alternative to an actual visit, other resources can supplement your learning too. We always like to hear from current students about campus life, on-campus housing, campus food, local services, and campus facilities. We like to go HERE to learn about these!

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