Reasons To Be Thankful

Reasons to be Thankful

The entire year has been a whirlwind of “busy-bee” like activity, and this fall has been no exception. I have been attending conferences, presenting at workshops and seminars, speaking at high school parent assemblies, meeting with students, families, and serving on committees. It seemed like everywhere I went, with everyone I spoke, student success was the topic.

When allowed to comment on their own experiences, students express their gratitude. We engage in conversations, and they exist because we recognize the importance of placing students first.

The spirit of gratitude is contagious. I have observed gestures of thanks and praise toward our students, their families, and those who serve them daily. Upon reflection, it is a gesture worth extending. So, I would like to share my reasons to be thankful.

I am grateful for:

  • People like Cal and Joyce Beverly of The Citizen and Fayette Woman who care about our community and the people who live here. Both work hard to educate the community and spread the joy of stories about the awesome people of Fayette County, Georgia.
  • The great people who work in our schools throughout Fayette County. More importantly, the amazing men and women who work with our high school students daily in their counseling offices. Their conversations and work with every student are priceless!
  • The many students who take their work in preparing for their college application seriously and own it! I only wish the world could see your bravery, transparency, and discipline. Your future is bright!
  • The parents who sacrifice endlessly to provide exceptional educational opportunities for their children. The doors you open are many.
  • Local small business owners like Ellie White-Stevens (Dirt1x), Laura Dzwigalski (Edward Jones), Rick Barnes (Minuteman Press, PTC), and Margarette Coleman (Everyday Manners) for their almost daily encouragement, constant motivation, and unwavering belief in Capstone’s value and purpose for students and families within the communities they share!
  • The many tutors, test-prep specialists, and college consultants that invest in the lives of our students because they love helping and watching students succeed!
  • The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce for their contribution to and advocacy for the students in our community. We are fortunate to have such leadership and partnership to build bridges, create safer environments, and dream big dreams for the future of our students.
  • The men and women who work endless hours to take our trash away! You deserve a gold medal!
  • Those on my journey in life who have contributed, invested, and made it possible for me to be doing this awesome work in this amazing profession. I owe a debt of gratitude to my parents who sacrificed in their way to instill within me the fortitude, determination, and perseverance to get up when I fall, to keep moving forward when life seemed to roll backward and to believe in myself and the power of a single idea.

There is plenty to be thankful for this season. The clear winner and obvious theme is people. Every person we encounter, engage, and welcome into our circle is not only unique but valuable. I am grateful for the many with whom I engage every day knowing their day may be a little brighter, and my day is better because of it.

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