Big Changes for Student Athletes

Big Changes for Student Athlete

There are big changes for student athletes on the horizon with California’s new legislation signed into law. With California being the first state in the union to make such changes to how student athletes can be compensated, the big question still remains as to how many other states may follow in their footsteps.

The legislation was signed into law due to the governor’s belief that the current system was out of balance and needed to be more equitable and fair for student athletes. The law, which will go into effect in 2023, allows college student athletes the opportunity to sign endorsement deals much like their professional athlete counterparts as well as profit from smaller opportunities like student coaching and signing autographs which were previously prohibited.

At least for now, it’s fair to say, student athletes could likely have the opportunity to get paid by attending and playing for a California college or university, even that above and beyond tuition, room and board.

In 2023, student athletes attending or planning to attend and play in California will play by a different set of rules governed by the NCAA — at least for now. The law is sure to be challenged.

Here are three significant implications to our current and future high school students:

  • Current high school freshmen will be the first to experience the full effects of this law if it remains. The class of 2023 should keep their eyes peeled on this as it gains momentum. We could see other states fall in line, broadening the scope of impact.
  • While this may be all about equity and fairness, it does not negate the fact that we are still talking about Student Athletes — not to be confused with Athletic Students. There is still a responsibility to these athletes to study hard, make the grade, and finish their hard-earned degrees; all the while playing as a star athlete.
  • Every student athlete will NOT have a financial endorsement. It’s simply impossible to imagine how that would be feasible. Name branding is a big industry and every Professional Athlete or even Olympic Athlete does not have a backed endorsement. So, counting on this would be a mistake.

These changes are just some of many taking place in California regarding college admissions and student athletes. This is why our team at Capstone stays abreast of the latest updates with a network of professionals from around the country. If you have questions about this stuff or have a student athlete needing help with planning their education journey, we are happy to chat with you!

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