AP Test Just Got Interesting

Deciding on whether or not to take an AP test not only got interesting, it appears to be getting a lot more tricky!  According to The Washington Post, new registration deadlines and fees were unrolled recently by The College Board and could likely impact students taking AP classes.

The biggest challenge would be for high school students deciding if they should sign up to take an AP level class in high school and subsequently the notorious end-of-year exam used by many colleges to potentially earn college credit long before sitting for the exam.

It appears, starting in the 2019-2020 school year, students will be required to sign up by Nov. 15 in the year before they take the spring exam if they don’t want to incur a late fee. The registration fee would remain the same, but late registration would cost an extra $40 along with an additional $40 “no-show” fee. All-in-all, it appears a student who signed up late and never showed up for the test would be out $174.

Parents and students will be in an interesting predicament. Many students will be deciding on taking AP classes and some students will choose to substitute AP classes with dual-enrollment opportunities. But now, deciding to place an AP class on your 2019-2020 schedule could mean registering for the AP test months before actually sitting for the test. This would bring a whole new meaning to planning ahead!

Deciding on the best solutions between AP classes or dual enrollment is not to be taken lightly. There are pros and cons to each.

If you would like some clear direction between AP classes or dual-enrollment, feel free to get in touch!

Note: AP fees or registration requirements on the College Board website were not reflecting these changes at the time of this posting.

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