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Community College

Community colleges have a long history of confusion for parents of college-bound students. They often wonder if choosing to attend a community college is the best idea for their son or daughter. After all, when all of the other students are going away to 4-year institutions, what does it say when your child stays behind and enrolls at the local community college? Studies show, you may be the smartest parent in the community!

Let’s look at some of the numbers on a national scale for students attending community colleges out of high school. As reported by the NPR in December of 2018, community colleges enroll up to 41% of all undergraduate students in the U.S.

As good as that seems, there are still several stigmas that tend to follow the idea of attending a community college out of high school. These myths prevent taking the step and often deter the idea of selecting a community college all-together — myths like, the lack of student life, under qualified professors, it’s too easy, it’s unsafe, it’s a waste of time because credits won’t transfer, or that you’ll be completely on your own. It’s a shame.

Truth is, students are utilizing the benefits of community college attendance to leverage their transfer power into 4-year degree programs all over the country. In fact, “according to a new report from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, graduation rates of community-college transfers meet or exceed those of students who enroll at selective institutions as first-time freshman. Community-college transfers also graduate at higher rates than students who transfer from other four-year colleges.” (Harris)

This is great news for students and families in Fayette County, Georgia considering community college as a viable option in their student’s college journey. Our local community college, Georgia Military College has an impeccable reputation not only in our community but across the state and throughout the nation! GMC ranks as the #1 Community College in the State of Georgia according to And, GMC is also the 14th Best Community College in the Nation according to the same website.

Community College is not for every student, but it certainly stands a chance for consideration. After all, community college students are proving themselves well-prepared for success at even the elite schools!

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