Test Prep in Peachtree City

Capstone Educational Consultants is a leader in test prep in Peachtree City and the surrounding area. Our success can be attributed to a couple of key factors:

  • Capstone cares about their student’s success and works to address their individual learning styles and academic needs. #CapstoneCares
  • Capstone maintains flexibility in scheduling to accommodate the busy schedules of each family.

One of Capstone’s students said it best:

I would recommend Capstone Educational Consultants because they helped raise the scores in my weak areas of the ACT. Not only that, Capstone genuinely cared about me as a student.

Landmark Christian School Senior

Beyond test prep, Capstone combines improving student’s test scores with college counseling and advising and college major and career planning.

College Counseling and Advising

There’s only one way to become a certified, independent college counselor. Capstone’s college counselors are fully certified through the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners. Earning a CEP (Certified Educational Planner) is a distinguished designation.

College Major and Career Planning

One of the best tools in determining the most satisfying career comes through matching your scale of interests with thousands of others with interests just like you and identifying their careers. This process, through the Strong Interest Inventory® is one of the most popular approaches to determining potential college majors and/or careers.

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