Surviving College Admissions Deadline

In politics, we always hear of the “October surprise.”  High school seniors have a different understanding when it comes to surprises in October.  Throughout the month and the fall semester, students are scrambling for time to finish their applications, edit and re-edit their college essays, all in hopes to reach the college admissions deadline.  And, there are different deadlines depending on the college.  For Early Decision, many see October 15, while others have determined November 1 or 15.  Some Early Action deadlines stretch even later like December 1, 15 or even January 1.  Regardless of the day, surviving this gauntlet of detail can wear down the most eager of students.  


So, here are a few suggestions for parents on surviving college admissions deadline day:

Stay Healthy

Whatever the schedule, getting the proper rest for your student is paramount.  And, be sure to have them eat plenty of smart foods for the brain like salmon, avocado, nuts, broccoli, spinach, berries and let’s not forget; dark chocolate!  Yeah, I know, what student will eat spinach? But, there’s always an alternative! In addition to these great foods, there’s always the daily vitamin!

Stay Organized

When your schedule is packed with school work, band practice, soccer practice, test-prep, volunteering on the weekends and college applications with essays, keeping it all organized is critical.  Look ahead and plan your week accordingly.  It’s a good idea on Sunday to see what your upcoming week may require.  Once you see the big picture, then break it into manageable pieces and plug it into your week to make it all happen smoothly and on-time.

Stay Mindful

Keeping a clear mind is important in producing quality work.  Going for a quick run to unclutter your mind always helps.  You need to be mindful to survive the college admissions deadline.  With a clear mind, your essay is sharper, your applications are clearer and your life gets easier.


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