Self-Reported Test Score

Many colleges and universities around the country are allowing students to now submit self-reported test scores.

It is fast becoming a growing trend in admissions offices.  Colleges have always required an official score report from either or the Collegeboard to complete the application file.   Now, colleges are taking your word for it first and asking for the official score to be sent later. 

It’s no secret that applying to college can be expensive.  By selecting a college that accepts self-reported test scores can save tons of money in the end. 

Our friends at Compass Education Group in California just published a list of 104 colleges and universities welcoming self-reported test scores.  It’s a great list and you might even be surprised to see some of our Georgia schools listed!

Capstone Educational Consultants helps to build a list that makes sense for every student because every student is different and needs a college list that makes sense!

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