There is a new option in Peachtree City and the surrounding area in test-prep and tutoring for students.  For many years Capstone Educational Consultants was best known for assisting students and families in navigating the college journey.   Capstone is now adding to its services to college-bound students the opportunity to improve their academic achievements.

Capstone Test-Prep and TutoringUnder the same brand, the Capstone Test Prep and Tutoring division is providing a Foundational Program of 6 hours, a Starter Program of 12 hours and a Plus Program of 18 or more hours of SAT/ACT Test-Prep with a reputable and pre-qualified tutor.

Families can select a number of services to meet their student’s needs.  Students can take the SAT or ACT for a test-drive by taking a Practice Test any one of many Saturdays throughout the year.  With every Practice Test, students receive a detailed Score Report to use in planning their next strategy.  There are a limited number of seats available so register early.

If your 7th-12th grader is having trouble in a specific academic subject or needs to stay on top of the subject matter and not fall behind, Capstone can match them with a qualifying tutor to reach their goals.

Here are some test-prep tips on preparing for the college entrance exam!


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