Military academy applications are nothing to waste time on getting completed.  In fact, there are many necessary steps far different and above the normal application for admission to your typical college or university.  Missing any one of the many additional steps could not only delay your application but could result in compromising the application review.

The number of applicants across all branches of the military has increased in numbers throughout the last several years.  With more superb applicants have come an increased level of competition.  Students are encouraged to do what they can to make themselves more competitive.  Higher test scores alone will no longer be enough to set potential candidates apart.   The application process for high school juniors begins in January of their junior year and must be completed by October of their senior year!

Here are a few of the many tips offered by the USMA (United States Military Academy):

United States Air Force Academy

United States Naval Academy

United States Military Academy at West Point

United States Coast Guard Academy

If you have any questions or need assistance in this journey, send us a quick note here!

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