College Consulting in Huntsville

College Consulting - Huntsville
Stefanie Miles – Educational Consultant

Capstone Educational Consultants is now providing the same quality college consulting Huntsville, Alabama and the surrounding area for families of college-bound high school students. We are pleased to welcome veteran independent educational consultant, Stefanie Miles to the team. She is a dynamic advisor and has served the Huntsville area for many years — read all about her story here.

For many years, Capstone Educational Consultants has wanted to provide the same unique approach to assisting families of college-bound students in navigating the college journey with families beyond Georgia. When we came to learn more about Stefanie, her values and work ethic, it was apparent we had found a gem.

We are excited to serve the Huntsville, Alabama community and now call the Huntsville area home — too!

Give Stefanie a call, book a free initial consultation or send her an email if you are looking for assistance in the college journey. Explore our services and learn how Capstone Educational Consultants can be the best decision you’ve ever made in and around Huntsville, Alabama!

Stephanie Miles

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