Last Minute Gift Ideas

Are you looking for some last minute gift ideas for a family member, neighbor or special someone?  Consider gifting a career assessment, personality type indicator, learning style inventory or multiple intelligence assessment!  They are great and quick options and provide the student or adult valuable information and insight into their world and journey.  Each instrument is filled with details specific to the individual and comes with a personalized report and an *one-hour interpretive session from a certified practitioner.

Here is a brief description for each instrument:

MBTI Certified Logo (PMS)_hiresMyers Briggs Type Indicator – The MBTI® unleashes the knowledge for each person to understand more about themselves and the depth of their own preferences.  It has the ability to unlock personal potential with the keys to awareness of personality types through it’s use in the workplace, career choice and professions, learning styles, relationships and personal growth.

“Good type development can be achieved at any age by anyone who cares to understand his or her own gifts and the appropriate use of those gifts.”    -Isabel Briggs Myers
Strong Certified Logo (CMYK)Strong Interest Inventory® – The Strong is an incredible instrument used in both high school and college settings for students uncertain as to what major and/or career for which they are best suited.  It’s one of the world’s most widely respected career planning tools.  Are you trying to figure out what might be a good fit?  Or maybe you’re in the middle of a career transition and need some ideas!  [embedyt][/embedyt]
logo_lsiLearning Styles Inventory – The LSI is a fantastic way to identify the absolute ideal environment that suits how you learn best, ultimately learning how to study smarter.  Supported by over 30 years of research, the LSI unleashes the student’s unique learning style “to boost confidence, self-esteem and academic achievement.”
logo_miMultiple Intelligence Advantage –  When it comes to intellect, there is nothing more powerful than discovering that which is unique about the individual student in order to strengthen all intelligence, boost confidence and explore career possibilities.  There is nothing better than unlocking the understanding of a student’s whole intellect.
Would you like to learn more?  Complete the form below and Mark will contact you!
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*The one-hour interpretive session can be done in person, via-video conference or phone conference.

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