College Admission Essays

Writing The Essay
Writing The Essay

The college admission essay is arguably one of the most critical components of the application process.  No matter the college, the college admissions essay is important!  Taking these three simple steps can make a difference with your personal essay:

  • Write Down Your Ideas

Take a few minutes to simply brainstorm ideas for your essay by writing them down.  No rhyme or reason.  Grab some paper and pencil.  Go to your happy place and start writing those great ideas!

  • Consider Moments or Characteristics You Value

Make a list of those things you value most or moments that have changed your life or the lives of others.  Many times these ideas can develop into an inspiring essay!

  • Catch Your Reader In The First 10 Seconds

With the thousands of essays being read by admissions office professionals, grabbing their attention in the first 10 seconds is critical.  Make it a fantastic start by not using your typical introduction sentence starter!

Keep in mind there are many who are great to help with your essay journey.   But keep in mind, there are plenty to keep at arm’s length as well.  If you are looking for some help with your essays give Capstone Educational Consultants a call today!

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