The Greatest Thing Ever!

If it were possible to know the greatest thing ever, would you take the time to find it?  There are countless stories of such adventures.  Remember these great films?  The Goonies,   National TreasureIndiana Jones,  Star Trek, to name only a few!  There’s something captivating, mystic and ultimately, rewarding in the quest and discovery for whatever “holy grail” we are seeking to find.

As students, finding this gem in light of college could be the greatest thing ever!  But what exactly is it?  And why, when it’s found, would it become the greatest thing ever?

If a man empties his purse into his head no one can take it away from him.  An investment in knowledge always pay the best interest.    Benjamin Franklin

The pursuit of the greatest thing ever comes through the simple act of reading.  Read!  It becomes the conduit through which depth of thinking, breadth of understanding and construction of vocabulary occurs.  As Franklin states, it will “always pay the best interest.”

Leave nothing unturned, read often, read from different sources.  This, by far, becomes the best preparation for and improvement in writing, standardized tests and general knowledge of the world and events.

Take the time to read and read, and read some more!  It is the window through which knowledge is gained.  It truly is the greatest thing ever!!

Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.   Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

by Mark Cruver
©2014 Capstone Educational Consultants

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