When Scholarships Come Home

If your family is like many families trying to reduce the rising cost of college through the use of scholarships, then you understand the importance of accurate and accessible information.  But all too often, it’s frustrating trying to locate and determine eligibility for lack of reliable resources.   This frustration quickly reduces the once worthy and satisfying experience into nothing more than abandoned opportunities for dollars and ultimately, college.  But that is all changing with Scholar-Box and your local high school guidance office — the scholarships are coming home!

Scholar BoxIt’s completely free to students in an ad-free environment with student information remaining secure as a rock!  It just doesn’t get any better than this!  All of your local scholarships in one single location, sorted by those that match your profile with links to their websites, applications and deadlines.  While this sounds too good to be true for students, it’s not!  It’s both very good AND very true!

But even better are the benefits for individual high school guidance counselors!  Eliminate the paper files, the bulletin board notices, the hours of updating website information for each scholarship and stop guessing on who may or may not apply!  Reduce the management of hundreds of scholarships to merely minutes and know for certain which of your students are looking and applying to each of every scholarship on your local list every day!  It’s just that easy!  Increase the accessibility and availability of your local scholarships and increase the number of students winning scholarships!  And by doing so, you’ll fundamentally decrease the number of dollars sitting around collecting dust!  Take a look at how the Guidance Office of Lone Peak High School  integrated Scholar-Box for their students!

“In no time at all I had our scholarship list online, ordered by date and easy to search. I love how easy it is to use these tools and how much time they save me!”  –Colette Davis School Counselor | Timpview High, Utah

Scholar-Box is the one place for all of your scholarships!  It’s the best (and only) resource for organizing, monitoring and identifying scholarships for students and counselors/consultants.  Mark Cruver, President of Capstone Educational Consultants has joined with Scholar-Box to bring these opportunities to Fayette County, Georgia!  Find a list of local (Fayetteville, GA) scholarships here!

Help bring your scholarship home by encouraging your local Guidance Counselor to make Scholar-Box available for your school today!  In less than a day your high school and your students can be actively pursuing hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships!

For more information on how to get Scholar-Box integrated into your high school, email Mark today!  It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s fast and better . . . it’s FREE!  (mark@capstoneeducationalconsultants.com)

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