What College-Bound Students Can Learn From Ashton Kutcher

by Mark CruverAshtonKutcher

Nothing gains more attention than a movie star making an acceptance speech for an award that would otherwise go unnoticed if not for the unexpected!  And that’s exactly what happened at this year’s Teen Choice Awards.  It was to be nothing but an award with a very predictable response.  After all, it was Ashton with an audience of teenaged girls.  At first, the crowd was usual, but Ashton clearly had something to say and then he shared the unexpected!

He may have made slight jokes about being the oldest in the room, but no one can deny the wisdom and maturity he shared in his acceptance speech.  The lessons he shared were priceless and many along the road of life can apply his three very critical points to their own daily lives.  So, how might his wisdom be applied in the life of the college-bound student?

Ashton . . . or should I say, Chris . . . stated three very important points that the college-bound high school student can use in their own personal journey to college.

His first point was Opportunity!  This is a great reminder of where we are today as a country, community and especially, as a college-bound student.  “It takes hard work,” Kutcher expressed.  Isn’t that the truth!  Without hard work, opportunity merely turns into a hand-out.  So students, this is equally critical to your future!  Kutcher’s example of “being lucky to have a job” can easily be applied to getting to the college of your dreams.  It’s going to take hard work — every day!  But as he noted, opportunity equals hard work!

His second point was Being Sexy!  I can’t think of a single college-bound student that doesn’t think about the value of being sexy.  But being sexy to Kutcher is not what most of us expected to hear from him and truly set him apart.  Being sexy isn’t something on the outside and that’s something we have always wanted our children to understand.  Kutcher makes it distinguishably clear that being sexy means being smart, thoughtful and generous.  The college-bound student can reap a heap of reward by applying this principle each day they grace the halls of their high school.  It’s hard to write in an essay or describe how sexy you are to an admissions officer, but by being sexy — being smart, being thoughtful, being generous — the college bound student will in turn have the opportunity to share with admissions officers about their life rewards!

His third and final point was Living Life!  Nothing speaks louder to a high school student than an adult blessing them with the freedom to “live it up!”  But to Kutcher, “living” is not just watching the clock tick life away.  Instead, Kutcher encouraged his audience of teenage girls to “build life!”  This involves intentional moments that construct your life into one that others will live in.  After all, the life we live in was “built by others no smarter than you!”  In other words, Ashton reminds these girls that they are capable of great things — so “build it!”  For the college-bound student, the same is true!  You are capable of great things, so don’t give up on your journey, work hard and pursue your dreams!   The future is yours!  College may be right around the corner and careers may be just a few blocks further ahead, but you can start today building your life!

College-bound students . . . stay true to who you are!  Take the wisdom Ashton managed to condense in a four-minute speech.  By applying these three points to your every day life you take ownership and responsibility for your future while inspiring others to be the best they can be.  Do this by working hard, being smart, being thoughtful, being generous and investing in your own future by building life!  It’s your time to shine . . . go for it!

Mark Cruver, M.Ed. / Capstone Educational Consultants, LLC

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