Summit MinistriesThe number of Christian students that find themselves in their freshman year of college and questioning their faith, wondering what they believe and why they believe it is staggering.  Studies show that between 30% and 51% of Christians renounce their faith before graduating from college.  Christian students are struggling with how to interpret the many messages from society about themselves and their faith.  It’s time for students to think Christianly by equipping themselves on what that means.

As mentioned in one of Summit’s articles in Truth & Consequences, it reads:

Recent surveys of worldview thinking have illustrated that even students raised in Christian homes, who attend church regularly, and who are enrolled at Christian schools, nevertheless tend to think like humanists rather than like believers in biblical revelation. Christians are rejecting the biblical notions of absolute truth and an alarming number are even turning away from Christianity. Worldview training has never been more important.

No student should miss this!  It will change their life!  Choose from one of three locations in Tennessee, Colorado and the newest location . . . California!

This is a fantastic way for students to build upon their own summer experiences!  The return on this investment is priceless!  Don’t miss out — be intentional about the rest of your life!

**NOTE**  Students can also obtain college credit for this event!

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