Best Times To Think About College In High School

One of the most common questions parents ask is when they should begin thinking about college for their high schooler.  It’s a big toss between saying, “Now!” and saying, “Yesterday!”  Either way, the point is, the best time to start is right after you read this sentence!

Starting to Think as a Freshman

Getting a jump on the idea of college as a high school freshman saves countless hours.  The steps you can take here are strategic and can serve as a roadmap throughout high school.  This is the first year when grades, activities and volunteering counts!

Starting to Think as a Sophomore

With a better idea of high school and the taste of academic expectations, the sophomore year is where assessments begin to shape your route to college.  Developing great study skills, healthy diets and good exercise will make all the difference in the world toward better grades, higher scores and an all-round better lifestyle which translates into better college options.

Starting to Think as a Junior

From here, the momentum to college begins to gain some serious speed. Unfortunately, many students still think they have another year to wait before giving it much thought.  Big mistake!  It’s certainly not too late as a junior, but there is much to do and time is becoming less and less of a friend.  Making your list, taking your ACT/SAT, scheduling college visits and organizing your process is critical.

Starting to Think as a Senior

Senioritis is a potentially fatal condition when it comes to college selection.  Finishing strong is key in representing yourself well to college admissions offices.  If you have waited until now to begin thinking about college, I would strongly urge you and your family to begin giving serious thought towards the next of many steps.  It is possible — it’s just going to take time, energy and patience!

by:  Mark Cruver

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