Getting A Top Recommendation Letter

When it comes to getting those much needed references and recommendation letters for the college of your dreams, it isn’t as easy as one might think.  For many students, the mere thought of asking someone else to write about them is over-the-top, while for others it’s tough determining those who would best fit-the-bill. So, in […]

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Understanding the PSAT and College Readiness

The new PSAT scores have been released and many are ready to learn what those scores actually mean.  One of the most recognizable changes made from the previous version of the PSAT is the score range itself.  Students will notice their score looks remarkably similar to the score they'll receive on the all-new SAT.  But, understanding the PSAT and how it relates to college readiness is important in mapping a test preparedness strategy. ArborBridge  has provided a great tool to assist in … [Read Full Article...]

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